Classical and Pop Instruction at Singapore’s Music Academy

A good piano lessons singapore should offer instruction in a wide variety of instruments and musical styles. A student can learn guitar and a great deal more at Singapore’s Music Academy. The instructors are all local musicians with strong experience, both in live performance and in teaching students of all ages to learn to play their favorite instruments in the shortest possible time.

The pop music curriculum blends many different styles of music, including different types of jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, and electronic music. The curriculum includes instruction in electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar lessons Singapore. Instruction focuses on both solo and band performance, emphasizing how different instruments in a band or ensemble work together as a whole. The pop music offerings also include instruction in drumming, using industry-standard equipment.


Students can study keyboards, as opposed to classical piano. They can study the triangle and other percussive instrument like drums. More jazz-inclined students can study the saxophone. Students can even study the ukulele, a smallish guitar which is rising in popularity. For students who aspire to be singers, vocals courses are also offered that focus on breathing control and other mechanical aspects of singing.

The classical music curriculum offers instruction in classical piano, flute and violin. Classical music instruction focuses strongly on the delicacy and complexity of the instruments, as well as the capacities of each to invoke specific emotions in the listener.

The Music Academy also offers some specialized courses that are not specific to any one instrument or any one style of music. The Music Discovery course is tailored for children from age three and up to foster an early sense of how fun and engaging music can be. Instructors lead children in singing and dancing, and in coordinating these physical activities with percussion instruments. The Music Discovery course ends with a public performance, after which students should have a lifelong love for and comfort with musical performance.

The other specialized course offering is a course in Band Dynamics. The students for this class are already musicians in a band, and the class focuses on helping the band’s members understand better how to work together as a whole, as well as developing more intricate parts. Some details of the course include focusing on intros, outros, and effective time keeping. As with all the courses, the Band Dynamics class instructors are local musicians with strong experience in how different instruments work together to create unique, refreshing sound.


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